Wednesday, September 30, 2009

12 Weeks and Onto the 2nd Trimester!

Woohoo, made it through the first trimester and now I'm in the 2nd! Now if someone could tell my body that and I won't feel sick when I'm tired! At least now it's usually only around bedtime and not all day unless I worked the day before! Nothing really new this week, I went and bought some maternity pants so I'll have them on hand when I need them, right now my normal pants still fit mainly because they were a little big to begin with! We had a little excitement here on Guam today. They've been worried for days that a tropical storm was going to hit us, but when it got about 2 hours away it fizzled out and was nothing, we didn't even get more rain than usual! There is still another tropical storm right behind that one named Melor that is supposed to turn into a typhoon (same thing as a hurricane) and right now is estimated to go about 60 miles to the north of base Saturday night, hopefully it doesn't start turning south in the next couple of days! Though after the one today, our typhoon shutters are shut and our supply of food is good!

12 Weeks