Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seven Months

What he's up to:

* Mommy and Elim spent the night back and Grammy and Grandpa's while his Daddy and Papa went down to Texas to watch a baseball game!  His face lights up every time he sees Grammy, Grandpa and Papa!

 * Loving his new ring sling we got custom made by Piper the babywearing Doula!!

 *  He's become a pro at solids!  Thus far he's tried and loved butternut squash, carrots, squash with corn and green beans.  He tolerates rice cereal, sweet potatoes and apples.  He is NOT a fan of sweet peas, as you can see by the picture below.  That's ok though, his mommy isn't either!  We did try oatmeal, but it didn't sit well with his tummy so we're holding off on that for awhile.

*  This right was one of his most fun meal times, he ate carrots, which are his favorite!  He also tried his hand at a mum mum and even got some water!  He experimented with which part to suck on, and I don't think he actually drank more than a swig or two.

*  He's learned to untie his bumpers, pull them down and even stick his legs out a time or two!  This is how I find him most mornings, he knows which direction he'll see mommy coming in the room!

* Got all prepped for a couple college football games!

*  Made his first trip to the playground and loved swinging on the baby swing!  Much more fun than his baby swing at home he never liked.
*  Got diagnosed with his first ear infection on September 9, and received his first prescription for antibiotics.  He's taken it in stride, and is still doing wonderfully!  The only way I knew something was up is because he was taking much shorter naps and was a teensy bit fussy, which is definitely not normal for him!  He seems to be feeling back to his normal happy, silly self!

*  Trying to get everything out of the way all at once, he started showing signs of teething on September 9th and his first corner of his bottom right front tooth was popping through by September 11th!  You have to work to see it still, but if you run your finger across his gums you can now feel the entire top of his tooth poking through.

* His newest sound is the growl, and he does it all the time, adorable!!

What he can do:

*  Still working on getting up on his knees!  He hasn't quite figured out the crawling thing, which mommy is totally fine with!

*  He is a pivoting master now, he turns around in circles in 2 seconds flat.

* Sitting up like a pro!  He can sit up indefinitely playing with his toys now, only falls when he gets really excited or wants a toy that isn't within his reach.

His Stats:  20 pounds 2 oz, 27 inches long