Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fifteen Months

What he's been up to:

* Seventh tooth broke through on Easter Sunday, it was his bottom front right!

* Eighth tooth broke through on May 3, it was his first molar on the top left!

* Still chewing on anything and everything he can sink his little teeth into!

* Got tubes put in on April 13th, sadly we realized too late it was scheduled for Friday the 13th!  Thankfully, all went well and he was back to himself by the time we got home!

* Loves giving his puppy dog all kinds of love and hugs.

*Singing with daddy

* One of his favorite games is to open up the bread drawer, grab a loaf out and run off giggling his sweet little head off as he goes.

* Got his first haircut on March 25th, not one tear was shed!

* Visited the Oklahoma City zoo, and pet the goats.

* Celebrated Easter with an egg hunt over at his Great Grandma Horn's

* Hung out with Grammy and Grandpa while Mommy and Daddy went to an awards banquet.

What he can do:

* Drinks milk like a pro from a sippy cup!  Straw sippys are his favorite.

* Climbing everything that comes in his way, and other stuff just for fun!

*  Says doggy consistently when he sees Molly, or any other dog, or any other animal for that matter!  Still no Mommy, but possibly a daddy.  Though since doggy sounds like "dah-dee" it kinda sounds like daddy.

His Stats: 24 lbs 9 oz, 31.75 inches