Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three months

What he's been up to

* Visited with the Easter bunny a couple of times, he wasn't scared but also wasn't thoroughly impressed with the big fuzzy thing. But we got the obligatory picture anyway!

* Elim loves his aden and anais blankets, they are perfect for this hot weather in Guam! He often will grab it and pull it up to his face

*He loves to be carried around in his carrier (not carseat)! Anywhere we go he is constantly peeking out the side, sometimes gnawing on the strap while checking out what is passing him by. He is getting so interested in the world around him! He used to fall right asleep, but not anymore now that there's so much cool stuff going on around him!

* He "walked" in the 2nd Annual Boonie Walk for Babies this year to remember his big sisters Emilyn and Hailey. He did it like a champ! No fussing or anything other than a couple seconds when he was being strapped into his stroller! Once we were moving, he checked out the sights and eventually took a nap!

What he can do:

* He can roll over easily when he wants to, though he's currently on a bit of a rolling strike. He rolled over like crazy for a few days then just stopped! I think it scared him a bit to roll over so fast because he would throw his hands up and they would be shaking right as he got on his back. But he's started doing it again!

* He can hold his own toys now, and more often than not they find their way to his mouth! His favorite toys right now are the green frog rattle that hangs from his carseat handle and another plastic rattle we have.

* He's getting better at holding his head up while in the Bumbo, at first he just flung it back but he's doing great now!

* Can hold his own weight for longer periods of time with us just holding under his armpits for balance.

* He's talking up a storm, I love having first thing in the morning long conversations with him. He loves experimenting with making all different sorts of sounds with his voice!

His Stats:

He weighs 15 lbs, 7 oz and is still 24 inches long! Packin on the chub, love it!