Friday, October 14, 2011

Eight Months

What he's been up to:
* Went to the state fair!  He checked out the chickens and goats, and tried grabbing for a bunny!  He also saw some cows, horses, baby chicks, pigs, butterflies and all kinds of insects but they didn't move much so he didn't pay them all that much attention.

* Went to the zoo with Mommy and Daddy and his Uncle George and Aunt Jessica along with his cousins Jacob, Brittany, and Hunter!

Checking out the elephants

* Loves sitting on one of his "Christmas" presents from Grammy and Grandpa, he hasn't really figured out forward or backwards momentum yet, but chewing on the spikes is fun enough!

*  Visited a local pumpkin patch for a little photo op!

*  Went to a little kids Christmas party and had fun playing with his friend Courtney.  More like trying to thieve her shoes than playing though, lol

What he can do:
* Started getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth on September 17!  Even occasionally goes backwards on accident!

* Had his first forward momentum with army crawling on September 21!  So far he's "gotten" Molly, all of her toys, the babies r us ad, and all of his other toys!  He's also started exploring the house into the kitchen, and guest room, and especially the little springy door stopper by the front door.  It makes cool sounds.  His favorite toys are the dog's toys.

* Stand up from sitting by just holding onto mommy's fingers.

* He let go with one hand while standing up on September 29 for a few seconds!

*  Pulled up to his knees on the tv stand for the first time on October 7, we're in trouble!

His Stats:

20 lbs 7 oz, 27 inches, head circumference 45 cm