Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Four months

All hooked in and ready to go on a walk!

Third date with Sophie, true love!

What he's up to
* He's having quite the love affair with Sophie Giraffe, he can't seem to take his eyes, or his mouth off of her! Such a little ladies man!

* Gnaws on anything that gets within arms reach.

* He accidentally dunked his head all the way underwater during a bath by kicking off the bottom and pushing mommy's hand, and thus his head all the way down. He was quite surprised, and not at all happy. Mommy had to turn him over on his tummy to let him cough it out then cuddle him all soaking wet until he calmed down.

* Enjoying long walks at night time in his stroller!

* Watched as all his toys get packed up into crates for the long trip over the Ocean on a boat to his new home.

* Traveled halfway around the world again, to his permanent home for the next three years, Oklahoma! Visiting with his Nana and Papa as well as his Grammy and Grandpa!

*Spent some quality time with his Nana who was very sick.

What he can do

*First laugh at three months and six days old, what an amazing sound!!

* Can sit up by himself, if Mommy or Daddy position him just right so he's in perfect balance! Though he's bent halfway over! Hasn't figured out the tripod just yet

* Loves to pinch arms and pull at hair much to Mommy's dismay! His daggers of fingernails get clipped often!

His stats
17 lbs 5 oz, and 26 inches long! He's now almost outgrowing his 6-9 month clothing.