Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two months

What he's been up to

*Flew across the world to Guam first class! He did wonderful and slept the majority of the flights with the exception of when he was eating or hungry.

* Blows bubbles all the time and has even done a few raspberries on accident!

* Starting to talk back to us

* Loves playing in his floor gym, especially the rattle that is right at his level to hit with his hand. Smiles away at the sun that attaches to the top, plays music and has different colored blinking lights.

* Loves naked baby time and starts kicking his legs in a circle when he gets it, rolled over from belly to back once but I think it was on accident since he hasn't repeated it.

* Loves his baths, I think they are his favorite thing. We slather him up with soap and then fill the tub up and put him in the big tub with lots of water supporting his head. Then he starts kicking away and goes nuts, he loves it!

* Grammy and Grandpa are here to visit! He's been travelling all over Guam and visiting places like Two Lovers Point, Tarague Beach Overlook, Tarague Beach, Jeff's Pirate Cove, driving around the island, going on a World War II tour, going to a few fiestas and many other things!

What he can do:

* First awake smile at five weeks two days old right after having his diaper changed.

* Smiled in response to something Mommy did at six weeks four days old

* Laughed when he was asleep at seven weeks three days old

* Smiles when he gets put in the position to eat

* Started lifting his head and shoulders up off the ground when he's on his belly when he was about five weeks old

* Will stand up with just supporting him under his arms to keep him from falling over, he loves bouncing up and down too!
His Stats:

He weighs 13 pounds and is 24 inches long, he's growing quick!

Monday, March 14, 2011

One Month

Wow, I can't believe that Elim has been here for an entire month already! It has already been filled with lots of excitement both good and bad.

What he's been up to

*On his fifth day of life he was admitted for dehydration and hypernatremia as well as a touch of jaundice. He narrowly escaped being admitted to the PICU only because they were full to capacity and waiting on nursing staff to come in so he could get a bed. In the wait time his sodium level went down far enough that he was able to go to the regular floor. He got an IV in his scalp because they were not able to get one started in his arms or legs since he was so dried out. Elim was admitted on Friday and discharged the following Monday night. We had high hopes of never having to see him in a hospital again.

*On his sixteenth day of life he was admitted to the hospital again, this time for RSV. We suspect that he caught it when he was in the hospital for dehydration. We went to the ER when his breathing rate got up to the high eighties. Once there, he acted like he was ok, his breathing slowed down and his oxygen saturations remained in the nineties. However, when we were getting his discharge instructions his saturations dropped to the eighties and stayed, so plans were changed, oxygen was started, IV was inserted and we were sent to our room. He was taken off of oxygen soon before we were sent to his room though, and he never needed it again. He was almost discharged the next night but while we were discussing it we fed him and his saturations dropped and stayed in the seventies, so we stayed another night. But the entire night he did great and we got to go home early the next afternoon!

*Met a lot of his family including Aunts and Uncles, cousins, Grandparents and Great Grandmas!

*Got his newborn pictures taken by a wonderful photographer

*Visited many places including his pediatrician about seven times, Babies R Us, the park, and his Great Grandma's house in Tulsa

*Loves staring at walls, they seem to be the most interesting things ever!

What he can do!

*Elim is a champ at holding his head up from the day that he was born! He's still a bobble head but he is so strong!

*Gaining weight like crazy, even through two hospitalizations he still gained weight and even jumped up in where he was at in the growth charts.

*He is quite the little actor! Between acting like he is ok at the hospital when he really is not and acting like he eats properly when a lactation consultant is watching but doesn't when she's not looking I think he deserves some sort of award!

*Tracks a glow in the dark light when the lights are out