Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six Months

What he's up to:
* Living with Grammy and Grandpa while waiting for our household goods to arrive! They finally did and we moved into our house on August 8. Though without cable, internet, washer dryer and a car we stayed with Grammy and Grandpa for a little while longer until the second car arrived.

*Had lots of fun watching the movers unpack all of our things, and loved sleeping in his comfy crib instead of the hard pack n play! He doesn't even like sleeping with mommy any more since it's so comfy! :(

* Is only contained by baby jail, we've got it wrapped around our couch to both keep him contained and separate him and the dog when mommy has to leave the room and can't supervise.

* Visited Papa for his 58th Birthday as well as his cousin Hunter for his 10th birthday!

What he can do:
* Figured out how to roll in succession on July 24, he's rolling across the floor at the speed of lightning now! Time to babyproof!

* Starting to figure out how to lift his bottom up on July 25, one of the first steps of crawling. Where's the pause button?!

* First play-related injury on July 25 when he pulled his steering wheel toy down into his face and bumped above his left eye. Just a few seconds of crying and he was ok though!

* Since learning to pull his bottom up he's on occasion accidentally scootched forward a few inches and in his crib when he's mad he'll get up on his knees at elbows. Though I'm sure that's totally unintentional!

* Had his first taste of solids on his six month birthday. Before then he's had a baby mum mum here and there but nothing real substantial. We tried oatmeal first and he wasn't quite sure about it. We got the silliest faces out of him even though he was trying to help out! We're hoping to go the baby-led weaning approach if his pediatrician gives us the go ahead. I think he would approve.

His Stats: 19 pounds, 7 ounces, 26.6 inches long