Thursday, January 12, 2012

March for Babies Video 2012


Lauren said...


Groves said...

I ended up watching your video after seeing your comment on Tripp's mother's blog - and I am sure, very sure, that comments like yours comfort Courtney more than anything can. You also help to take the sting out of people who comment in a way that DOESN'T help.

You understand.

You understand.

**You understand.**

I wish you didn't have to, and that your beautiful daughters were in your arms, instead.

You will never tell Courtney to "get over it" or "move on" or accuse her of grieving too much, for too long. You would not do that - because you *know.*

Your video made me cry. It was heart-felt and beautiful. And every second, I could see pouring out of your face - love, love, love for your kids. ALL your kids.

Thank you for sharing yourself this way - and even in your own suffering, for reaching out to comfort Courtney.

You really are making a difference.

Thank you for sharing your lovely girls. Oh, how I wish they were playing in your house, today.

With love,

Cathy in Missouri