Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eleven Months

What he's been up to:
*  Started letting go and standing by himself for a few seconds at a time on Sunday, December 18

* Initiated a game of peek a boo all by himself and giggled his cute little head off whenever I found him when he pulled the blanket back down!

*  Discovered the joys of holding his hands over his high chair for Molly to lick them clean, and shortly thereafter tossing his toast over for her to chow down on, and then giggling every time mommy looked at him and told him no!

* Got a nasty upper respiratory infection that required breathing treatments every four hours of albuterol, oral steroids, inhaled steroids and many trips to the doctor.  Thankfully he finally got to feeling better and more himself after about two or three weeks.

One of too many breathing treatments he got.
 Getting his first chest x-ray, it was clear!  He loved chewing on the plastic.

*Third tooth broke through on December 28, this time it was on the top in the middle, right!

* Fourth tooth broke through on December 29, the right fang

* Saw his first snow on January 11, 2012

* Continuing to enjoy all kinds of table food!

* Celebrated his first Christmas, he had a blast!  Also got way too many toys!
Opening presents with Charles' side of the family

The tree on Christmas morning!

A present from Santa and his stocking

Checking things out, he of course goes for one of the few presents that is not his.

Mmmmm bows

Loving his new tunnel to crawl through!

Opening presents with daddy on Christmas morning

* Loved playing with all of his toys after Christmas!

*Got a visit from his Papa!

* Went for a walk in the park and ride on the swings!

I love his little feet!  His favorite thing to do now is pull his right sock off.

 Love him!

What he can do:

* Learned to climb on things!  Climbed up on his dragon walker to look over his baby jail gate on Wednesday, December 21

* Learned to clap on Christmas Eve!

* Signed milk when he wanted to nurse for the first time on December 30.  So fun seeing him actively communicate with me!

* Showed us he can crawl up stairs all by himself on January 11, 2012.  But don't ask him to go down them.

His Stats:
22 pounds 9 oz and 28.8 inches long