Monday, November 14, 2011

Nine Months

What he's been up to

*  Got diagnosed with strep throat on October 20 after mommy spotted a sore on the roof of his mouth.

Not when he was sick, but loving the snuggles

* Went to a March of Dimes conference in Washington DC to see all of his Aunties that "met" him last year while he was still in mommy's tummy!

*  After the conference, went to visit the Jabers, one of his mom's best friends, up in Philadelphia

*  Celebrated his second Halloween!  Last year he went as an M&M, this year he chose to be a dragon!
*  Visited Arbuckle Wilderness and feed all the animals there.  He saw Emus, Alpacas, Donkeys, Zebras, Rhinos, Hyenas, and many other animals!

*  Went hiking at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area!

What he can do:

* Learned how to pull up to standing from a seated position on October 25 using the Jaber's coffee table.
*  Learned how to sit up from a laying position on October 26 during nap time!  With above mentioned skill, I'm now screwed!  Nothing is safe!
* Was standing up in his bed waiting for mommy to come get him, and screaming at her to come faster on October 27

The result of learning to stand up in his crib, he doesn't want to go down to sleep and will stand there and scream until I come to get him!  He gets very sad when I insist that it is nap time

* Cruised from one end of the couch to the other to try to get mommy's phone, this was after transferring from sitting on his dinosaur scooter/walker to standing at the couch October 27
*  Took his first "steps" crawling on hands and knees on November 4, only a few at a time though!
*  Mastered the art of cruising on November 9!  Made it from one side of the couch to the other in about three seconds flat!
*  Can eat almost any table food you give to him!  He's kinda slow at it though so we still give him some purees when he's willing and not bored with them.  Kinda hard to eat much when you've only got two teeth!


  Chocolate?  Yes please!  

His Stats:
20 lbs 10 oz, 28.2 inches long, 44 cm head circumference