Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Year?!

What he's been up to:

* His fifth tooth broke through on January 18, this time it's the top one on the left next to the middle, still missing the middle though!

* His sixth tooth broke through on January 29, now he's got four up top and two on bottom!

*Got his first bloody lip on January 19 after falling and hitting mommy with his upper lip while attacking her.  He was ok though and stopped crying by the time we got him to the bathroom to grab a wash cloth to clean him up.  Then he gnawed on a frozen teether thing for awhile, and good as new!

* One of his favorite "toys" is the vacuum cleaner, and he managed to turn it on himself today and scare the heck out of himself in the process!

*Had yet another ear infection, I believe tubes will be coming any day now.

*Enjoying eating like a big boy with his own placemat at restaurants!

*He got baptized by Pastor Jim Perkin at our church on February 5!

*Enjoys chewing on anything and everything now!
*Played in the snow for the very first time, and ate it too!

What he can do:

* Let go of the couch and took two or three steps on his own before he noticed he wasn't holding onto anything and gently eased himself onto his knees.

* Took his first steps on purpose towards Mommy on Sunday, February 12th, just in time to be "walking" by his first birthday!  He's taking up to six steps all on his own now!

His Stats:  22 lbs 10 oz, 30 inches