Monday, February 1, 2010


My Mom, she tells a lot of lies.
She never did before.
But from now until she dies,
She'll tell a whole lot more.

Ask my Mom how she is,
And because she cant explain,
She will tell a little lie,
Because she cant explain the pain.

Ask My Mom how she is,
She'll say "I'm alright."
If that's the truth please tell me,
Why does she cry each night?

Ask My Mom how she is.
“I’m fine. I’m well. I’m coping”
For God’s sake Mom, just tell the truth.
Tell them your heart is broken.

She’ll love me all her life,
I loved her all of mine.
But if you ask her how she is,
She’ll lie and say she’s fine.

I am here in Heaven,
I cannot hug her from here.
If she lies to you don’t listen
Just hug her and hold her near.

On the day we meet again,
We’ll smile and I’ll be bold.
I’ll say, “you’re lucky to get in here, Mom,
With all the lies you’ve told!”

(Author Unkown)