Friday, April 30, 2010

Five months without my sweet angels

Today we have been missing our sweet babies for five very long months. Not a second goes by that they are not in our hearts and on our mind. Mommy and Daddy love you both so much Emilyn and Hailey!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today was my due date, it was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. The day my daughters were to be born at their full 40 weeks alive, well, healthy and happy. But that's not reality. Reality is they were born 19 weeks and 3 days ago. Reality is they won't be lain down in their cribs to sleep tonight, they were lain to rest that day back in November. I miss them both so much. We spent today delivering baby blankets and caps to the US Naval Hospital where I delivered at as well as Guam Memorial Hospital where I work at to both the NICU and L/D floors for the preemies and babies that grow their wings and go to heaven before they have even had a chance. I've got pictures of that at my 365 blog

After that we went to Ritidian beach to release the balloons and then to Tarague Overlook to do something that was requested of us by my mother in law, releasing a bit of her hair at a beautiful spot while reading a note to the girls.

Us with the balloons. We wrote little notes to them on the pink mylar ones.

Releasing the hair, if you look close you can see the B2 in the background of the sky.

Releasing Their Balloons

Heaventree Cherry Blossom Candle I lit for my girls tonight.