Saturday, March 6, 2010

Moment of Peace

I just got done making a couple blankets. I'm not sure if I will give them away or keep them yet. We'll see how I feel when I gather the blankets I've made up do donate to the hospital. It was so relaxing, almost like meditating. Just focusing on tieing one knot to the next. Not like the other flannel receiving blankets I made with the loud noises of the sewing machine. Just me and the fabric and my thoughts. A rare moment of peace in my life. My mom had sent me some fabric after I told her of making my first one in Maui. Peace is a rare thing for me to experience these days, and am so grateful to have found some today.

On my road to recovery, have my meds in the fridge ready to take every six hours for two weeks. Hoping it works this time.

Thank you for the moments of peace my little ones. Mommy loves you so much.


Peace with my puppy love laying on my knee

The finished products


Lauren said...

Adorable! I actually made some with that exact same fabric on the left!!!

Small world!

stacyat said...

Crazy! Maybe Hawaii and Guam have the same supplier!