Thursday, November 12, 2009

18 Weeks

Today was my last day at work! It was a great last day, mostly because it made me so glad I turned in my notice when I did and now I don't have to deal with all that stuff any more! They seem to think that we can do the job of two nurses almost every day, I think I was the only one that flat out refused to do that, some of the other nurses went ahead and just did it becasue they were told to, I refused to take report and threatened to call the nursing supervisor if it wasn't fixed.....and then they fixed it! While I won't miss all the politics of working at the hospital, I will miss some of my patients, especially the long term ones that I've had a chance to build a relationship with!

On the pregnancy front nothing is really going on. The Doctor is still working on my paperwork, and hopefully he'll have that turned in soon to medevac me off this island in December! If you know me, you know I've been harassing the medevac office every day they've been open this week to see if he's turned it in yet! So I thought I had felt the babies move a few weeks ago, but I'm pretty sure that was just gas now, lol! However, I think there have been a few times this week that I have definitely felt at least one of the babies move and it's crazy! In less than a week I should know if I am having boys, girls or one of each! My ultrasound is scheduled for next Wednesday, so it will be just in time for me to post in my weekly update, though I suspect I will be calling my parents and in-laws right after I find out! I also found out this week that laughing can really hurt when you're pregnant, especially if you're not in the proper position! I learned really quick last night what the wrong position was! I can't imagine how big and stretched out my belly is going to be in four months, it already feels stretched out and I know I'm not even that big yet! My innie belly button is well on its way to being an outie, it's just a matter of time before it pops out, lol.

18 Weeks

My newphew Sawyer got put in the hospital a couple of nights ago for bronchiolitis. He's doing better than when he was first admitted, they've decreased the amount of oxygen they're having to give him and is oxygen saturations are improving. His chest xray also came out clear, so hopefully he'll be out of the hospital and at home soon! I know my brother Josh and sister in law Lauren are worried sick, so keep them in your thoughts!
Sick Baby Sawyer


Stephanie said...

yayy! i can leave a comment, finally!! it's crazy what 5,4,3,2, just 1 week can do to that belly of yours! you're too cute. i'm so excited you'll find out the genders next week!