Monday, August 30, 2010

9 months spent missing them

Nine months is the time that a little one is supposed to be tucked away safe and sound in a Mommy's belly. I've now been missing my little girls long enough to have grown a whole little human to a fully developed baby. I so wish that my little girls had gotten their full forty weeks. Nine months on and I still miss them with every fiber of my being every second of the day. I think of them all the time, though not always with sadness anymore. I look at sisters playing together, especially if they are close to the same age and can just picture my Emilyn and Hailey at that age, wondering what things they would be interested in. I see other babies that are about the same age that my girls should have been and wonder what my girls would have looked like at that size, what milestones they would have reached by now. They should be four and a half months old now, their little personalities starting to develop, discovering new things every day.

Happy 9 months in Heaven my sweet baby girls! Mommy loves and misses you both so very much!


Lauren said...

Sweet heavenly wishes to your girls.